Meet the Team

Heather Lodge are inspired by our team of competent, committed and experienced people. Please allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

  • Claire Hamilton-McPhee

    Claire Hamilton-McPhee


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  • Nicola Anastasi

    Nicola Anastasi

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  • Kate Lucas

    Kate Lucas

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  • Ute Locatelli

    Ute Locatelli

    Yoga and Breath Walk Teacher

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  • Angie Cusack

    Angie Cusack

    Yoga Teacher

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  • Maria Szwalec

    Maria Szwalec

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  • Dr Malcolm Kerr

    Dr Malcolm Kerr


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  • Jill Harmony

    Jill Harmony

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  • Heather Gweneth Bird

    Heather Gweneth Bird

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  • Chris Attkins

    Chris Attkins

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  • Kate Armstrong

    Kate Armstrong

    Qi Gong teacher

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  • Sue Archer

    Sue Archer

    Medical Herbalist

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  • Shona Redmayne

    Shona Redmayne

    Art Psychotherapist

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  • Carol Hayman

    Carol Hayman

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  • Yvonne Todd

    Yvonne Todd

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  • Faye Anderson

    Faye Anderson

    Foot Practitioner

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  • Steve Merritt

    Steve Merritt

    Integrative Counsellor

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  • Jan Attkins

    Jan Attkins

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  • Natalie Blackley

    Natalie Blackley

    Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

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  • Alistair McKie

    Alistair McKie


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  • Susan Knox

    Susan Knox

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  • Dr Joanna Wise

    Dr Joanna Wise

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About Us

In 2017 a loose cooperative of holistic practitioners came together, seeking a centre to further their work. They found Heather Lodge. The group’s members live on Arran and work mainly with regular clients, some with chronic medical conditions, often with the support of local charities — ArCaS and the Mary Davies Trust.

Heather Lodge, set in the grounds of the historic Douglas Hotel, was originally a stable, but has been in use as a private dwelling for many years. There is an attractive and secluded garden. The premises provide several therapy rooms and a healing ambience. Plans are afoot to develop facilities for small groups, including yoga, mindfulness and Qi Gong.

Contact Us

Heather Lodge Where to Find Us

Isle of Arran
KA27 8AJ
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1770 302 827